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Healed from Seizures and lost 50 lbs (Judith from NH)

Pastor, I'm 61 years old and I had seizures every day since I was a little kid from when I was attacked. Your Fast From Wrong Thinking CDs have helped me a lot. And I listened to them four times and I haven't had no seizures or nothing. I'm so happy, I lost 50 pounds on it too! It took forty days. I kept playing it over and over, but I haven’t had a seizure since February of this year and I lost 50 pounds. To God be all the glory.

Healed from Cancer (Suzanne)

Dear Pastor, Six months ago I took a female test and it came back 2nd stage abnormal. I called you on Ask the Pastor and you prayed for me. I went back after one month and got retested– it came normal. I’m healed!

Miracle Job Provision (Bonnie)

Dear Pastor Dickow, I talked to you a few months ago on the “Live Ask the Pastor Program,” and I told you that my husband would no longer have a job on March 31st, and that I was afraid of what was going to happen to us. You prayed with me, and told me to find scriptures on fear. I just had to write and tell you that I am so thankful to you and other listeners praying for us, because Praise God, my husband got another job and was hired right on March 31st! I truly want to thank you so much for your ministry. Thanks so much for being here for all of us.

Mountain of grief removed (Melissa)

PASTOR DICKOW: I recently received a call from a woman who lost her five-year-old daughter to cancer less than a year ago. Melissa asks Jesus every night to hug and kiss her daughter and tell her that she loves her – and she asked me if I think He does. Absolutely, I assured her. But, it was obvious that the one who needed to be wrapped in the comforting and loving arms of the Master was Melissa. I could feel the heaviness lifting as I prayed that she would feel God’s love, peace and strength. I believe that she is forever healed of the grief that was tormenting her!

Chains of condemnation broken (Kate)

PASTOR DICKOW: Kate and her husband, are new Christians and were recently delivered from a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. But, they went to a concert and stumbled and used them again. Kate was just beside herself and plagued with condemnation. “Does God forgive me?” Kate cried out the question of so many listeners, a question keeping them from moving forward with God. “Of course He does, 100%!” I told Kate. I told her that her genuine repentance is a positive sign of her true love for God and of the great changes in her life.

Suicide Stopped (Abigail)

PASTOR DICKOW: I will never forget when 13-year old Abigail called in this summer and asked if “someone” would still go to heaven if they committed suicide. “Life is just so hard lately,” her sweet little voice streamed over the radio. “I don’t know if I believe in Him anymore.” She was crying out and I was able to tell her that she can have hope in God and that He will never give up on her. Abigail prayed for salvation on the program that day and I know that was the beginning of God’s big plans for her life – a precious life that might have been lost to suicide without Ask the Pastor.

Healed from issue of Blood

Pastor, I want to thank you for your advise on healing. I’m the lady that called you on the radio (about 3 weeks ago) with the issue of blood. I received my healing. It’s a miracle! I kept bleeding for two years non-stop. They put me in the hospital and gave me blood transfusions. I would recuperate in strength and get my blood level back up, but the bleeding would not stop. A gynecologist kept telling me he wanted to give me a hysterectomy, and I kept saying, “Why? If God has healed me, then I accept His healing and I’m going to stand on it.”

When I called into the radio program, you told me how to stand. You told me not to be moved, or to change my thinking or my faith even if what I see hasn’t changed – to hold on to my faith in God’s Word regardless of what I see change or not. You told me to keep believing for my healing, and don’t give up. You said to consult with medical professionals, but that my trust needs to be in God’s promises – that the power of God could move through that doctor, or move without that doctor.

My family members were like, “You’re going to bleed to death, what are you waiting for, just get the surgery.” So, I played Monty Hall with God, I played Let’s Make a Deal.

I said look, “If I don’t see my healing manifest in a reasonable amount of time, then I’ll have to pray that you work through the hands of the doctor, but I believe truly that you have healed me.” So I prayed and I stood and I prayed and I stood. And one day it just dried up. Thank you Pastor for your radio program, and for teaching me to believe the promises of God no matter what it looks like. I AM HEALED!

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